ASP Swimming Pool Supplies in Dallas, TX

No matter what your chemical needs may be…we have you covered.  As one of the nation’s largest swimming pool companies, we are able to pass our chemical savings on to our customers.

We carry a full line of chemicals needed to balance your swimming pool, remove algae, or treat stains, including balancing chemicals (pH Minus, pH Plus, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Acid, etc.),  sanitizers (chlorine, bromine, salt, etc.), clarity products and algaecides (Super Blue, Algaecide 60, Mustard Algae Treat, Algaezone Plus, etc.) and pool stain treatments (Jack Magic the Blue Stuff®, the Purple Stuff®, the Copper Stuff®, etc.).

Sanitizers – Chlorine, Bromine and Salt


Granular chlorine and Chlorine Tabs are two forms of chlorine used to sanitize your pool or spa. Our prices for swimming pool chlorine are low yet you enjoy a high-quality product.

Clarity Products and Algaecides


We offer a full range of clarity products to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and algaecides to treat and eliminate any algae problems, including green, mustard or black algae.

Stain Removal

Array If you are having a stain problem with your swimming pool, our Certified Stain Specialists® can help you diagnose the type of metal that you have in your pool and offer a plan to treat and remove it.


We carry a wide range of swimming pool retail products, from pumps (circulation and booster pumps), to filters (sand, cartridge and d.e. filters), to chlorinators (chlorine or salt water chlorinating systems), to heaters (heaters – propane and natural gas or heat pumps), to automatic pool cleaners, to maintenance equipment.

Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators, and Heaters

We carry a wide range of swimming pool pumps, filters, chlorinators, heaters and heat pumps to meet your equipment needs


Automatic Pool Cleaners

Array Check out our line of automated pool cleaners. As a Polaris® dealer, we are able to supply you with all of your Polaris® parts and have the proven expertise to repair your current swimming pool cleaner.

Maintenance Equipment

If you prefer to maintain and clean your own swimming pool, we carry all of your swimming pool maintenance equipment needed to properly maintain your swimming pool. If you become tired of the daily chore of cleaning your swimming pool, let one of our professionals clean your pool for you with one of our maintenance packages!



We know that to keep our customers satisfied, we must provide excellent service coupled with reliable, well-made products. That’s why we work hard to develop relationships with the best vendors in the field. Our preferred partnerships with some of the nation’s leading swimming pool brands provides our clients with greater choice. Below are just a few of the companies we work with regularly.


Swimming Pool Renovation Samples

Swimming Pool Surface Finishes

Swimming Pool Tile and Coping Samples

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Samples

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

“ASP has been tending our pool for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier. I have a great feeling of confidence when we are out of town that ASP will handle any issues in our absence. They are prompt, courteous and do an excellent job. Our pool has never looked better. Even more, they are a terrific group of guys! I would highly recommend their services.”
– S.D.


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