Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance service

ASP Pool Maintenance and Cleaning in Dallas TX

Your swimming pool is a place where you create special times with your family and friends.  America’s Swimming Pool Company of Dallas can help you create a backyard oasis.  Your pool is an investment.  Allow our professionals to help you maintain and operate your pool.  Pools require maintenance and cleaning.  Our staff is trained to help you with water chemistry, proper operation of equipment and general pool upkeep.

“ASP has been tending our pool for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier. I have a great feeling of confidence when we are out of town that ASP will handle any issues in our absence. They are prompt, courteous and do an excellent job. Our pool has never looked better. Even more, they are a terrific group of guys! I would highly recommend their services.” – SD

Why you should trust ASP of Dallas

  • Our Experience: More than 300,000 million gallons of water are being serviced by ASP each week.
  • Our Qualifications: CPO certified technicians are on staff at ASP.
  • Our Commitment: At ASP, the focus is on swimming pool quality, dependable SOLUTIONS.
  • Our Guarantee: Complete satisfaction with NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED.
  • Our Offer To YOU: A 12-month commitment includes one FREE month of maintenance.

“I have just recently started using America’s Swimming Pool Company and am more than satisfied with not only their pool cleaning, but their customer service as well. My pool has never looked better! My pool tech, Scott, knows my pool, it’s equipment and even has gotten to know my pet. ASP answered all questions I had about pool maintenance thoroughly, has no contract and I like the added bonus of a hang tag on my door each week with all the info on my pool that particular week. Customer service is over the top. Very happy with my choice!”—LR

America’s Swimming Pool Company – Residential & Commercial Maintenance Available

The Dallas location offers a full service monthly maintenance program for both residential and commercial pool owners at affordable pricing without the worry and hassle of cleaning your pool weekly.  Both water chemical testing and adjustment are included in our maintenance programs.  We can ensure your system operates appropriately regardless of whether chlorination of your pool is performed by a salt system or by a standard chlorine system.

Each ASP Service Visit Includes:

·         Chemical Balancing·         Removal of Debris
·         Brushing Pool Walls·         Clean Skimmer and Pump Baskets
·         Tile Brushing as needed·         Cleaning Pool Floor as needed
·         Pool Equipment Checks·         Backwash Filter as needed
·         Industrial Pool Chemicals and Materials·         Reliable and Knowledgeable Technician
·         Weekly PoolOps Report and Photos·         Happy Loyal Customers

We are committed to maintain and protect that investment.  If you have tried to maintain a pool yourself, you understand that pool maintenance is a lot of work.  This section has been provided to help you understand the activities of proper pool maintenance.  At ASP we are focused on your needs.  Our goal is minimize your time and effort as well as the frustration that can accompany swimming pool cleaning.  

Maintenance and service operations are further described below:

Checking Chemicals

The most vital part of pool maintenance is checking and balancing chemicals.  All ASP technicians receive training on how to determine chemical levels in your pool including chlorine, cyanauric acid, alkalinity, pH level among others.  After chemical evaluation, your ASP technician will determine which chemicals are to be added to your pool to achieve the proper water chemistry levels on a week by week basis.  The use, comfort and appearance of your pool will be enhanced by proper evaluation and balancing of chemicals.


The pH level of any liquid solution, including the water in your swimming pool is a measurement of how acidic or “basic” the water is. The pH level can range between 6.6 and 8.4.  If the water in your swimming pool is more acidic the pH level will be lower in the pH range. If the water in your swimming pool is more basic, the pH level will be higher in pH range. In order to have a balanced or neutral pH level, the pH level in your swimming pool should be between 7.4 and 7.6. The water in your swimming pool is naturally attempting to reach a neutral pH level. If the pH level is less than 7.4, the water in your swimming pool is considered to be acidic or “hungry” and will attempt to raise the pH level to the neutral range by seeking elements to mix with itself through corrosion of pool materials which can resultant in serious pool damage. If the pH level is greater than 7.6, the water in your swimming pool is considered to be basic or “over saturated” and will attempt to lower the pH level to the neutral range by depositing elements from the water resulting in the buildup of scale and other harmful mineral build up in your pool system.

Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity is a measurement of the alkaline materials in your swimming pool water and is related to the pH level of the water.  Alkaline materials provide a buffer between acidic water and corrosion of your pool.  Low alkaline levels will cause the pH level of the swimming pool water to constantly and rapidly fluctuate.  High alkaline levels will affect the clarity of the water resulting in cloudy water.  Avoiding rapid and constant changes to pH levels and avoiding cloudy water requires that a balanced total alkalinity level be maintained.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is a measurement of how much calcium exists in your swimming pool water.  When calcium hardness is too low, the water in your swimming pool will seek to obtain calcium from any materials that are present resulting in damage to the pool tiles and plaster finish.  High calcium hardness also results in cloudy water.  As with the water’s pH level and total alkalinity level, calcium hardness also needs to be balanced.

Cleaning the Pool

On a weekly basis, your ASP technician will clean your pool.  Pool cleaning consists of removing  any debris or other materials that should not be present in the pool.  Larger debris will be removed from the pool using a LeafMaster, as required.  The top of the pool will be swept and cleared of any surface debris.  Scrubbing the surface tiles will result in the removal of built-up of algae and other grime.

Proper Filtration and Water Flow

The proper flow of water throughout the swimming pool is likely the most important aspect of your swimming pool’s operation.  The swimming pool pump filter acts as the “heart” of the pool, similar to the heart in the human body.  The filtration system pumps and filters water containing all required balanced chemicals throughout the swimming pool water system as well as throughout all the pool pipes.  On a weekly basis, your ASP technician ensures that the filtration system is operating at optimum performance.  All pipes and valves are inspected to determine that adequate water is flowing throughout your pool system.  Inadequate water flow can result in the immediate development of algae, corrosion, calcium build-up, and other issues resulting in a swimming pool in “poor health.”

Consider a Salt Water System

Swimming pools using a salt chlorinated system generally require less maintenance than pools using a traditional chlorine system.  Although not as common as pools using traditional chlorine systems, pools using salt water systems take care of chlorination for you and may be an attractive alternative for your pool.  Salt water systems convert salt to chlorine for use in the pool which is then converted back to salt where the process begins again.  The constant process of converting salt to chlorine and chlorine back to salt generally provides a more stable level of chlorine in the water than is provided by traditional chlorine methods.  Salt water systems require less time for balancing chemicals and have been proven to be less harmful to the skin, eyes, and hair.

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